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Office of Financial Institutions

Our mission statement:

Our mission is to establish and maintain a financial regulatory and supervisory system for American Samoa’s financial systems, consistent with local and federal Banking Laws and standards. We strive to promote a stable banking and financial sector that facilitates economic growth and development within the Territory. 

Our vision statement:

To promote excellence through strong consumer protection; provide effective regulatory oversight and support to all clients of American Samoa.


  • To maintain public confidence in the Territory of American Samoa’s financial institutions regarding safe and sound financial environment and compliance with local and federal banking laws, the American Samoa Government (ASG) shall engage in the business of regulating and examining any business that engages in lending, investing and deposit activities. 

  • The Office of Financial Institution (OFI) has oversight responsibilities for the Territory’s chartered banks; holding companies; banks and lending institutions that operate within the Territory; trust companies; credit unions and various consumers lending and deposit entities. 


OFI Commissioner
Tuasivi John Marsh

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